It's Major : The Movie


What happens when a small town basketball coach is tasked with getting his deserving, but disadvantaged team, to a big tournament in Atlanta, GA? Will he be able to pull it off in time?

Inspired by true events, It’s Major is a feel good comedy about Coach Carlos Major, a small town basketball coach, challenged with the task of getting his team of mostly disadvantaged boys, to a big tournament in Atlanta, Ga. With limited funds and a fast approaching deadline, this Coach will stop at nothing to secure his deserving team’s spot in the tournament.

Coach Major is the only hope his team has for getting to the tournament as he is also the only Father figure many of them have. From title pawns to giving blood, Coach Major attempts one hilarious stunt after another. Will he be able to get the funds and will he get them in time?


Arnez J

Towanda Braxton

Ebony Steele

Carl Major Potter

Chef Willie Wallace

Christian Chase Jones

Eric Nolan Grant

Bradford Haynes

Sydney Mitchell

Julian Newman

Jaden Newman

Brick Jackson

Chy The Greatest

Glo Twinz

QT Jazz

Kim Sanders

Imani Ray

Rashard Roles

Audra Bryant

Jaelen Miller

Rayshawn Smith

Quatavius Smith

Kelly Potter

Torrie Crawford II

Carissa Majority

Kayla Freeman

Daevoni Freeman

Brian Alben

Aaron Major

Ty McLaughlin

Team Major